The Functioning Mechanism of the Institute

In its recent history, Montenegro has become a new country, which was originally Republic of the same name within the former Yugoslavia.

On the eve of the second decade of its existence, the Government of Montenegro faces numerous requirements regarding the social, political and economical improvements that are prerequisites for joining the modern states of the EU.

Thus, Montenegro’s political and economical system is in a process of continuous change and development, triggered by the new ideas of government leaders.

This involvment of the Institute requires a total autonomy for its implementation.

The maintenance of autonomy for its professional business activities is planned for by the participation of domestic experts on the Board of Directors and the Scientific Council of the Institute, who enjoy the highest scientific, academic and personal credentials, such as the representatives of Montenegro-Government Agencies and Direction, Institute of Public Health, and the University of Montenegro, as well as the participation of their colleagues from Serbia and Canada with similar profiles and reputations.

All the above experts participate directly in the scientific, academic and other professional activities of the Institute.

The functioning mechanism of political and professional autonomy and its impact on the pertinent policies of the Government will be supplemented by the direct collaboration of the Institute with the local representatives of the WHO and of the EU, as well as the representatives of local and foreign universities and medical and scientific institutions.

For example, the efficient functioning of the Institute with respect to the policies of the Government of Montenegro will be continuously challenged through monthly scientific reports and recommendations that will treat, one at a time, exclusive and important subjects of essential interest to the Government.

The Government will then be able to take an appropriate political decision on the basis of the recommendations of the three highest scientific and health protection authorities, the WHO, the EU and the Institute.

These reports will maintain the same profile and quality as the official Government Gazette and will contain important information which may be published in scientific journals, including the “Annals of the Institute of Biomedical Research – Podgorica”.

The framework described above for the functioning of the Institute is illustrated in the following Figure:

Framework for the Functioning of the Institute in Collaboration with the Government of Montenegro

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