Stadtholder® Moor natural hot/(cold) packs

for multiple use

microwave heatable packs

excellent formability

strong and durable



Stadtholder® Moor packs were originally developed by Dillenburg Medical B.V.

The packs are mainly used for heat therapy, but can also be applied for cold therapy.

Our packs have been used by numerous physical therapists throughout Europe !!

The durable Stadtholder® Moor packs are filled with natural healing mud.

The mud is won in quarry areas. Grinding, filtering and extracting water guarantees constant quality.           The special foil is strong and durable, however feels soft and comfortable.

Indications Heat Therapy:

• Pain

• Stiffness

• Coldness

• Rheumatism

• Degenerative illness

• Spasms

• Relaxation


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Moor natural hot/cold packs for rheumatism


Price: $ CAD36.00

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Moor natural hot/cold packs for coldness


Price: $ CAD27.00

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