our objectives

The main objective of the Institute is to maintain the status and the leadership of a reference laboratory for regulatory quality control of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products on European  and North American market, as well as to help harmonize Montenegro’s industrial activity with the latest standards and regulations of the EU.

The Institute has developed intensive collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the Government of Montenegro and adequately support its operations through the services of the Department of Environmental Analysis and Studies, as well as through the follow-up of the impact of environmental conditions on the health of the global population.

The Institute has developed similar collaborations with the Drug and Medical Device Agency, and the Veterinary Direction of the Government, as well as with the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro, in the fields of their respective professional competences.

The Institute is fortunate to be well positioned to grow at the right geographic region, responding to the enormous and immediate needs of the country’s flourishing industries for the regulatory certification of their products.

These highly demanding activities of the Institute have the potential to attract the attention and interest of the world leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biomedical and food industries.

The development of new technologies for future promissing diagnostics and medical treatments are available for protection of public health throughout professional activities of its experimental medical center (EMC).

The Institute is also  an important player in basic and applied scientific research and development of new biomedical products and methodologies, as well as in the system of postgraduate education at the international level, offering Master and Ph.D. programs and specialization in the fields of medicine and biomedical sciences.

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