our mission

Improving and protecting the well-being and health of the population, Live better – live longer

The Institute of Biomedical Research is a private venture company committed primarily to the protection and improvement of the health and well-being of the people of Montenegro, through:

  • Regulatory control of industrial activities and products,
  • Scientific surveillance of the living environment,
  • Research and development of new biomedical products and technologies,
  • Regulatory evaluation and certification of new biomedical products,
  • Fundamental scientific research and postgraduate education,
  • Development and manufacturing of new biomedical products, and
  • Development of new diagnostic methods and innovative experimental medical treatments.

The Institute plays an important role in the integration of Montenegro and other Balkan countries into the EU, and to maintain their products and industrial activities in conformity within the leading European standards and regulations.

This responsibility is assumed thanks to the scientific capabilities and professional performance of its team of biomedical and environmental science experts.

The Institute is also challenged by the strengthening of its international position and reputation by staying in close partnerships with the WHO, the EU, regulatory and professional bodies, high ranked universities, research centres and health institutions around the globe.

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