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Montenegro has gained the respect and admiration of the world through its rich and glorious history of political, cultural, social and territorial resistance, since ancient times, and for its peaceful, friendly and respectful society.

Today, Montenegro is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world. Located on the southeast side of the Adriatic coast, its natural beauty has made it a preferred tourist world destination for the last half century. In 1991, its Parliament proudly proclaimed the country an “Ecological State”, the first of this kind in the world.

After recently gaining its independence, Montenegro is preparing to join the EU. To achieve this ultimate goal, the country faces numerous requirements related to the standardization and harmonization of its industrial activities and products with the normes and regulations of the EU and other developed countries.

In the scope of this venture, the Government of Montenegro has signed an agreement with a Montreal-based private biomedical company BioMedco Canada Inc., which for the past 26 years has specialized in biomedical research and regulatory analytical activities that are necessary for the establishment of the Institute in Podgorica.

The primary mission of the Institute is to protect the health of the population of Montenegro and assist the Government in managing a smooth and comfortable entry into the EU by regulatory standardization of biomedical and food products and environment.

The establishment of the Institute has attracted the interest of the scientific and medical communities from Montenegro and around the world, thus favouring the selection of a polyvalent team of experts hat will ensure the Institute the full scientific and technical capabilities and strength and the professional requirements to meet the significant increasing and immediate needs of the Montenegrien market, which is in the process of vigorous political, social and economical transformation.

The Institute  enjoyes the privilege to be able to recruit the prominent scientist, entrepreneurs and managers, from Montenegro and abroad, for its Board of Directors and Scientific Council, which have all the necessary credentials to ensure that the promising future of the Institute becomes a reality.

The Institute has unique professional vision in the South European region and has been established at the right place and at the right time in order to respond to the numerous and immediate needs of modern and challenging european societies.

The Institute is using full range of competencies of its polyvalent team of selected experts and is strengthened by its local political and scientific autonomy and important creative collaboration with Montenegro Government,  WHO and EU authorities.


Celebrating the signing of the agreement between the Government of Montenegro and the private Montreal-based biomedical research center, BioMedco Canada Inc., for the establishment of the Institute

The signatories, from left to right: The Honorable John Morisson, Canadian ambassador to Belgrade, Doctor Drasko D. Pekovic, president and founder of the Institute and Doctor Vujica Lazovic, deputy prime minister of Montenegro

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