In addiction to new developed products, the Institute has obtained the license for the commercialization, on European market of the following products, developed by its founding company BioMedco Canada Inc. from Montreal.



“Aerosan” is a highly effective microbicidal agent that kills a wide range of medically important bacteria, and all types of mold that contaminate buildings and their mechanical devices.

Its effectiveness is proven through a large number of decontamination process of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the province of Quebec-Canada, over the past 26 years carried out by Biomedco Services Inc. from Montreal.

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MicrobEX” is another disinfectant that eliminates, in a very short period of time, a large number of bacteria and mold of medical and environmental importance.

“MicrobEX” is used in numerous applications such as:

Bandages for large burns,

Hard surface disinfection,

Microbicidal treatment of fabrics and textile products.

An example of its effectiveness are “MicrobEX” treated towels, used in health institutions. Even after 100 machine washes with detergents and chlorine these goods maintain their full microbicidal effect, due to “MicrobEX” which is tightly physico-chemicaly integrated into the fibers of the fabric.

Such efficiency has resulted in a very interesting application for “MicrobEX” in the fight against nosocomical infections in the Canadian health institutions.

Currently “MicrobEX” has found a new very lucrative application as a paint ingredient in antimicrobial treatment for the interior and exterior surfaces of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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Microbicidal Towels “KleNET”

Microbicidal towels are avant-garde products made of a cotton material compressed in a small volume, which is impregnated with a microbicidal agent either “Aerosan” or “MicrobEX”.

Following the addition of 5 ml of water, these towels outburst by osmosis in their natural volume and form, in a quick and spectacular way, and can then serve for effective disinfection of any part of the body or surface in a number environments of human activities.

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OralNet” is the first mouthwash in the world based on the ultra-pure Arctic Ocean water. “OralNet” is a totally natural product that contains no alcohol or harsh chemicals. It is highly effective in controlling oral microbial flora, thus preventing gingivitis and dental caries.


Comparative study of antimicrobial, toxicity and physicochemical properties of the new generation   mouthwash “OralNet ” with common mouthwashes



Recently, a new generation of mouthwash, called “OralNet”, became commercially available in the province of Quebec, Canada. According to the technical specifications, OralNet is based on ultrapure Arctic Ocean water supplemented with colloidal silver.

In the present study the microbicidal efficacy, toxicity, endogenous pH and physicochemical content of OralNet have been evaluated in comparison with the following standard over-the-counter (OTC) mouthwashes: Biotene with Calcium, Colgate-Peroxyl, Life-Citrus, Listerine Anti-Tartar, Listerine Original, Scope-Mint and Tetrabreath.

The obtained results show that OralNet displayed the highest microbicidal activities in vitro exceding 99.9 % after 30 seconds of contact with test organisms and the lowest toxicity in vitro (3.69 %), as compared to the standard mouthwashes studied. In addition, OralNet has a well balanced endogenous pH (7.3), as well as a simple chemical structure composed of two natural active ingredients.

The standard mouthwashes are also characterized by relatively high in vitro microbicidal activities, higher toxicity levels than OralNet, and more complex chemical structures, involving up to 18 components. Five of the seven displayed low endogenous pH, below the critical value for tooth structure dissolution (pH < 5.5). Contrarily, Tetrabreath displayed a high alkaline level (pH 9.52).

The present study shows microbicidal and biocompatibility superiority of OralNet, over all other mouthwashes studied. In addition, OralNet is a natural compound with a simple structure compared to the other products, which are composed of numerous chemical ingredients with potential side effects.

Drasko D. Pekovic, et al.  ”Comparative studies of antimicrobial, toxicity and   physicochemical properties   of the new generation mouthwash OralNet with common mouthwashes”


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Oral Ocean Power

“Oral OceanPower” is an alcohol and harsh chemicals free mouthwash formulation based on the salt of ultra-pure Arctic Ocean water. It freshens up the breath and helps fight harmful bacteria with the gentle, scientifically proven action of Arctic Ocean water salt, which is powerful in preventing gingivitis, plaque and cavity formation.


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PURILAIR is an appliance that sterilizes compressed air circulating within medical instruments. It guaranties a healthy environment all the time, especially in dental clinics.


  • PURILAIR is essential for the future of dental office, since it ensure acceptable quality of compressed air in dental clinic facilities,
  • PURILAIR is installed on the pipe of the air-output unit between the compressor and the dental office. It is safe, maintenance free, energy efficient and has low operational cost,
  • PURILAIR is a unique patented instrument which uses the compressor output to dynamically sterilize outgoing air,
  • PURILAIR functions by passing air through a heated (200°C/395°F) sterilizing unit which ensures the complete destruction of microorganisms and their products,
  • PURILAIR continuously provides the office with sterile compressed air. Therefore improve the indoor air quality, protects the staff members and the patients from airborne microbial contamination, and
  • PURILAIR provides sterile, odorless and particle-free air to air powered instruments, and oral cavity of dental patients.

Abundant growth of bacteria, molds and yeasts in compressed air,
before using Purilair, in the dental facility


Absence of microbial growth in the compressed air coming out of
Purilair powering dental installments

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The Culture Media

The Institute offers the most complete range of culture media for microbiological routine and specific tests.

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Colloidal Silver

Human beings have been using silver as a cure for ages. Romans and Greeks would place their drinks into silver containers to preserve them from contamination. Using silver utensils and plates, royal families along with privileged people would ingest minute particles of this precious metal, immunizing themselves from many illnesses. Until now, silverware has been a tradition on our tables.
The colloidal silver is one of the most universal and powerful antibiotic as well as antiseptic substance humans have known so far. Researches have proven that any germs likely to provoke an illness cannot survive to colloidal silver. Effectively, for micro organisms silver is much more powerful compared to chemical disinfectants, without being dangerous for users’ health.
Microorganisms use specific enzymes to breathe, in other words, to live. Colloidal silver particles directly block these enzymes that are the “lungs” or blocus ione passage throughout the cell membrane, causing the quick death of the micro organisms.
Colloidal silver is an odourless substance that can be used internally or externally. A prescription is not required. No side effects known; does not interfere with other medication. Externally, it can be introduced into ear, nose, eyes, applied on a wound, or any other body part.

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Electro Medical Devices


BioMed® 2000 XT with Timer

Institute of BioMedical Research is proud to introduce the new generation of the popular BioMed® 2000 analog TENS device, the BioMed® 2000 XT with Timer.

The new ergonomically designed device has the same parameters as its predecessor; adjustable pulse rate and pulse width, and has three modes of operation; constant, width modulation, and burst. The new design of the device incorporates a sliding amplitude control cover for safety, and a permanently attached 9 volt battery cover to prevent loss. The 9 volt battery compartment has been redesigned for simple insertion and removal of the battery. To provide comfort while wearing, the belt clip has been positioned horizontally.

Please note: depicted is the XL model, not the XT.

 General Specifications of BioMed® 2000 XT with Timer

 Dimensions: 3.9″ x 2.75″ x 1″ (99mm x 70mm x 25mm)

Weight: 4.6 oz (132 g)

Power Source: 9V Battery, E-block, type 6F22

Channels: Dual

Waveform: Asymmetrical, biphasic square-wave

Frequency: 2-150 Hz (Hertz or pps)

Impulse Width: 50 – 250 microseconds (μs) adjustable

Output: Constant Current

Continuous: Continuous stimulation

Burst: 8 pulses per burst/2 bursts per second

Modulation: Decrease/increase of set width of 50% over a five-second period

Number of electrodes/Leadwires 4

Tolerances: +/- 10%

Timer: Continuous, 15, 30, 60


BioStim® INF

Three pre-programmed sweeps allow for easy set up and patient instruction

  • · 1-10 Hz., used for Edema Reduction,
  • · 80-150 Hz., used for Pain Relief and
  • · 1-150 Hz., used for total treatment.

The BioStim® INF offers

  • · bipolar stimulation using two electrodes where the interferential stimulation is already “mixed”
  • · full Interferential stimulation with the use of four electrodes.

Timer: the device has a timer for the desired treatment time


BioStim® M7                                                

Digital, dual channel BioStim® M7 TENS device has seven programmable functions

· Width Modulation,

  • · Continuous
  • · Rate Modulation,
  • · Rate and Width Modulation,
  • · SD1,
  • · SD2 and
  • · Cycled Burst.

 The device has a Patient Lock System that, when activated prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters. When the Patient Lock Systems is turned off, a Patient Compliance Meter is displayed showing how long the device was used.

A Timer allows the patient to use the device for a specified period of time.


BioStim® Plus

It’s compact size and user friendly programming features make the BioStim®’s design unique among electro-therapy devices. This two channel device incorporates touch proof design, digitalkeypad, large LED display screen, four preset protocols, and is run on two AA batteries.

 Pre-Programmed and Programmable Protocols.

• Continuous

• Width Modulation

• Burst

• Cycled Burst

 The BioStim Plus® also includes the following features:

• Timer

• Large (2”) LCD Display Screen

• Patient Lock/Compliance Meter



 Two Channel analog NMS device

  • · On Ramp 0-2s (adjustable)
  • · On Time 0-60s (adj.)
  • · Off Time 0-60s (adj.)
  • · Pulse Rate 1-80Hz. (adj.)
  • · The unit is powered by one 9-volt battery.
  • · Three Modes of operation: Cycled  / Constant / Reciprocal  


GV 350® High Volt Pulsed Stimulator

 The GV 350® High Volt Pulsed Stimulator is a two channel device that delivers full powered

twin peak stimulation.

 The GV 350® High Volt Pulsed Stimulator has alternating or continuous stimulation, a timer

for desired treatment periods and fully adjusted pulse rate.

 Four AA batteries, or an optional Wall Adaptor powers the device.


Impulse® 2000

The Impulse® 2000 is a:

  • · Two channel analog TENS device
  • · Pulse Rate adjustable 2 to 150 Hz.
  • · Pulse Width adjustable 50-250 us.
  • · The unit is powered by one 9-volt battery
  • · Three modes of operation:Continuous / Burst (8 Pulses per Burst, 2 Bursts per second)  /  Modulation (50% Modulation of set Width).


Impulse® EMS D7

 Impulse® EMS D7 Digital Muscle Stimulator Device

The new look of the device incorporates a “Clam Shape” design that when closed, covers the LCD screen and control buttons. The inside flip top cover includes an instruction diagram. The diagram shows different wave form patterns to assist the user through three modes of operation; constant, cycle, and reciprocal.

Stimulation Modes:Continuous Stimulation / Cycled /  Reciprocating


Impulse® TENS D5

The new look of the Impulse® TENS D5 digital TENS device incorporates a

“clam shape” design that when closed, covers the LCD Screen and Control Buttons.

 The inside flip top cover includes an instruction diagram to guide the user through

five modes of operation: Constant / Width modulation / Rate modulation / Burst I / Burst II

 The Timer allows the patient to use the device for a specified period of time.

The Low Battery indicator light illuminates when the AA batteries need to be changed.

The Impulse® TENSD5 includes Patient Lock & Compliance Meter.

 Electrode Alarm: If the device is not correctly attached to the patient, the amplitude does not increase.


INF  Plus® Interferential Device

INF Plus® Interferential device utilizes microprocessor technology, with tolerance levels of less than 1%, this portable device incorporates a sinusoidal wave form usually found only in large clinical models.

Three pre-programmed sweeps; 1-10Hz, used for edema reduction, 80 – 150 Hz used for pain relief, and 1 –150 Hz used for total treatment allow for easy set up and patient instruction.

The device offers bipolar stimulation using two electrodes where the interferential stimulation is already “mixed”or full interferential stimulation with the use of four electrodes.

The device has a timer for the desired treatment time, and operates on four AA batteries or an optional wall  adaptor.


Micro Plus™ Microcurrent

Micro Plus™ Microcurrent Electrical Nerve Stimulator is a Two Channelanalog device with 3 polarity settings, positive, negative, or bipolar. The device has adjustable Pulse Rate 0.5-120Hz, Pulse Duration 1-3s, and Micro / Milliamp Control. The unit is powered by one 9-Volt battery.



Rehabilitation after Stroke and Spinal Cord Injury by use of


How does it work:

 NeuroMove™ works by detecting the attempts to move a muscle group sent from the brain. These attempts are shown in the display as significant increases in the signal over regular muscle activity. The built-in microprocessor intelligently distinguishes between regular muscle activity, muscle tone, noise and real attempts. When a real attempt is detected, the unit “rewards” the patient with a few seconds of muscle contraction, where the visual and sensory feedback serves as an important element in relearning the movement. This is similar to the well known learning technique of “Pavlov’s Dog”.

 NeuroMove™ also prompts the patient to relax just as often, and experience has shown that this element is significant in learning to control a muscle group. Better relaxation of a muscle group can sometimes be noticed as few as ten minutes into the first treatment session.

NeuroMove™ detects attempts even below where trace movements are visible. Several patients have found this capability to be very motivating, as they saw they could make a difference, where previously, they had no indication of their attempts.

Usage: The NeuroMove™ is normally used one to three times a day in intervals of approximately 20 minutes. Longer intervals are not common, since concentration and focus is the key to achieving better control of motor functions.

NeuroMove™ adjusts automatically to the levels produced by each patient and to each new session.

This makes the NeuroMove™ effective both for patients with spasticity/muscle tone as well as patients with flaccid extremities. No programming is necessary – just attach three electrodes, turn the unit on and set the muscle contraction (reward) – and go!



Digital four channel QuadStar® Elite Combination device featuring four waveforms:

TENS, NMS, High-Volt and Interferential stimulator in one portable unit.

It’s compact size and user friendly programming features make the QuadStar® Elite’s

design unique among Electro-Therapy Devices. The device has an easy to read LCD

screen and a digital keypad.

Simple to understand instructions guide the user through nine pre-programmed protocols and four types of waveforms:

  • · Symmetrical Biphasic Square Wave
  • · Asymmetrical Biphasic Square Wave
  • · Sine Wave
  • · Monophasic High-Volt / Twin Peak


QuadStar® II

The QuadStar® II is a portable 4 channel digital device with 3 waveforms, that can be programmed to deliver NMS, INF or TENS therapy.

Sequential Programmes:

In addition there are 9 preset Fixed Sequential Programmes, which enable the user to program

  • · 20 minutes of INF followed by
  • · 20 minutes of NMS therapy and ending with
  • · 20 minutes of TENS therapy.

A Programmable Sequence allows the user to customize the therapy and times.

A graphic representation of the timing parameters is shown on the screen to assist the user.

Patient Lock / Patient Compliance Meter

The QuadStar II features a patient lock system. When activated it prevents the patient from changing any

parameters. When the lock is turned off, a patient compliance meter is displayed.


Pain Gone®  piezo-electric pain relief

Amazing product invaluable in the daily management of pain

Pain Gone® is a handy, fast working device which has proven to be

invaluable in the daily management of pain. It has no attachments

whatsoever and is extremely portable (5 in. long) so it can be used

anywhere, anytime.

 Fast, effective drug free treatment that has been clinically tested

on patients suffering from:

  • · Chronic back pain
  • · Arthrosis of the knee and fingers                                                                                                      
  • · Shoulder, knee, elbow and lower back pain
  • · Cervical spondylosis
  • · Sciatica
  • · Trigger Point syndrome pain
  • · Fibromyalgia
  • · Frozen Shoulder
  • · Chronic and acute pain


Portable Ultra Sound Device

This portable Ultra Sound device generates deep heat within body tissue for the treatment of selected medical conditions such as relief of pain, muscle spasms, and joint contractors.It helps muscle rehabilitation, prevent and cure disease, delay aging.

  Exclusive pre-heated function helps enhancing the heat effect and promoting healthy care from

  deep tissues.

  1MHz of ultrasound is applied for treating deep textures, expending to 2-4 cm deep, such as the

   regions of the leg, the hip, the back, and so on to alleviate syndromes and promote remedy.

   Light and handy, easy for everyone to use; an excellent treatment appliance for personal care.

   The main unit: easy to handle and operate.


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Beauty Devices

 Photon Blue Light for Beauty

 This device uses an unique Low-intensity blue light, that activates the bacteria-fighting militia “porphyrins”. The porphyrins start a chemical reaction that produces peroxide, which destroys the acnes bacteria. The Photon Beauty uses an unique LED Blue light wavelength that targets the bacteria, that causes acne. The bacteria are destroyed by a thermal reaction. It also enhances collagen rejuvenation.


• Low power: does not need cooler medium

• Temperature control: warm and comfortable

• Light weight: easy to carry and use “any time, any place”

• For acne and increase collagen rejuvenation of skin.

• Suitable for different kinds of skins


Photon Red Light for Beauty

Photon Beauty helps to vitalize cells, enhance blood circulation, increase oxygen supply, strengthen skin tissues and improve metabolism and excretion by using natural light wave, that transmits into skins and activates light perception cells where energy is absorbed by hemoglobin, proteins, carbohydrates and fats for better skins.


• Infrared ray: reaching 10 mm deep into your skin without medium

• Low power: does not need cooler medium

• Temperature control: warm and comfortable

• Buzzer: beeps when plugging, power on/off and auto shut-off

• Light weight: easy to carry and use “any time, any place”

• Suitable for different kind of skins

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Garment Electrodes






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