The polyvalent activities of the Institute are assured throughout following departments:


Healthcare Industry Relations and Personalized Medicine


Teodor Burtea, MD


Institute of BioMedical Research, Montreal Canada

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Medical Microbiology

Director: Richard Morisset, M.D., M.Sc.,

Professor, University of Montreal

Director, Department of Microbiology

University of Montreal Hospital Center, Montreal, Canada

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Biochemistry, Chemistry and Chemical Toxicology

Director: Hassane Kacimi, M.Sc.

Institute of Biomedical Research,  Montreal, Canada.

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Sanitary Chemistry

Director: Veselin Delevic, Chemist

Head, Department of Sanitary Chemistry

Institute of Public Health of Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro

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“In vitro” Experimental Medicine

Director: Mrs. Maljkovic Gordana M.D., M.Sc.,

BioMedco Canada Inc, Montreal, Canada.

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Director: Soriba Cissé, Cell Biologist-Neurobiologist, Ph. D.,

BioMedco Services Inc. Montreal, Canada.

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BioMedical Product

Momir Mikov, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor at following universities:

University of Novi Sad

University of Banja Luka

University of Montenegro

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New Product Certification

Milorad Drjevic, M.D.


Drugs and Medical Device Agency

of Government of Montenegro

Podgirica, Montenegro

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Drasko D. Pekovic, Ph.D.

Microbiologist and Immunilogist

Senior environmental expert


Montenegro is a relatively new country, which was originally a Republic of the same name within the former republic of Yugoslavia. In 1991, it was proudly proclaimed by the national Parliament as an “Ecological State”, the first of its kind in the world.

Located on the southeast side of the Adriatic coast, its natural beauty has made it a preferred tourist destination in Europe for the last half century.

The Institute’s objective is environmental protection and life span as well as life quality.


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Legal Expertise Department

Director: Drasko D. Pekovic, Microbiologist and Immunologist, Ph.D.

Senior Medico-Legal Expert,

President, Institute of Biomedical Research

Podgorica, Montenegro

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Scientific Publications


Zeljko Jacimovic, Chemist, Ph.D.

Professor University of Montenegro

Podgorica, Montenegro

The Scientific Publication Department is responsible for publishing monthly scientific reports with recommendations intended for the government of Montenegro, and for editing the Institute’s scientific journal called: “Annals of The Institute of Biomedical Research-Podgorica”, a multidisciplinary biomedical and environmental journal which will be published by the Institute of Biomedical Research-Podgorica in Montenegro.

It will be refereed in the “Index Medicus” and in the “Science Citation Index-Expanded”, “ISI Alerting Services”, and “Current Contents/Clinical Medicine”. Its requirements are in accordance with the “Uniform Requirements for Medical Publications” (URM).

All submissions will be subject to peer review by the Editorial Board and by referees in the appropriate specialties.

The journal is intended as a vehicle for publishing biomedical and environmental studies from any part of the world, most particularly manuscripts that would be of interest to the countries of southeastern Europe and the EU.

With leadership and vision and with the support of a group of experts in the Editorial Board and the hard-working and competent editorial staff, the Annals will flourish among the leading journals in Europe and throughout the world.

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Marketing & Sales

Marko Maljkovic, C.A.

Advisor, Business Development

Belgrade, Serbia

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