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Institute of Biomedical Research-Podgorica, Montenegro

The  Institute was created on the strength of over 26 years of pertinent knowledge and experience that its founding company BioMedco from Montreal, has acquired in a variety of academic, scientific, technical and industrial sectors subject to the rigorous regulatory requirements of the appropriate autorities of Canada and the United States of America (USA).

The Institute is located in Podgorica and has a representative office in Montreal.

The Institute is focused on a program of institutional excellence and aims to gradually develop a range of business activities which will prioritize public health protection and the needs of the Government of Montenegro in its venture for a smooth entry into the EU.

The development of the Institute’s business activities devolve upon its multicultural team of professionals having the highest academic qualifications and appropriate expertise in numerous sectors, including biomedical and analytical services, scientific and academic research activities, regulatory certification of new biomedical products, and biomedical industrial research for the development of new technologies and products.

The Institute is currently employing experts mostly from Canada, who are also continuously assisting in the selection and training of new members of its polyvalent team, from the scientific and medical communities of Montenegro, surrounding countries and around the world.

All professional activities, developed and adopted by its holding company BioMedco in Canada, are improved and carried out in the Institute’s new facilitieson Montenegro and Montreal which are currently being equipped with cutting edge biomedical, industrial and scientific research and analytical technologies.

In addition, the Institute’s laboratories, maintaining and adding new accreditations from the relevant programs, foresee associations and collaborative work with domestic and foreign reference universities, scientific research centers and renowned health institutions.

The Institute  functions in conformity with all the policies and directives of the Government of Montenegro’s pertinent institutions, EU and WHO, which are in force in Montenegro and the surrounding countries, for the protection of the health of their citizens.

Institutional busienss vision, the place and timing of establishment favor the development of its commercial activities at an international level, which is fondamental and the target of ambition of the Institute of Biomedical Research – Podgorica.

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