The BioMedco – A Canadian Biomedical Research Center

BioMedco was founded in 1989 in Montreal by both Dr Drasko D. Pekovic and his spouse Silvia Pekovic, accountant, as a private biomedical research center.

Over a period of 26 years, BioMedco has grown to become a leading laboratory institution in North America offering comprehensive quality control services for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.

A major field of the current company’s professional activities centers on the environment. BioMedco provides drinking and waste water analyse services, while also offering expertise in the field of indoor air quality control and decontamination of mold contaminated buildings.

The BioMedco as a biomedical research center is actively involved in research and development of new biomedical and food products, as services for its clients, as well as of its own products.

BioMedco has also established programs for graduate research studies (M.Sc., Ph.D.), in biomedical and environmental fields in collaboration with the University of Montreal.

Through its holding company BioMedco Canada Inc., the BioMedco Biomedical Research Center is currently actively collaborating with the Institute of Biomedical Research in Podgorica.

The Institute builds on the rich and diverse knowledge and experience of its founding company BioMedco,  in the academic, scientific, technical and industrial sectors and is subject to the rigorous regulatory requirements of the appropriate authorities of Canada and the United States.

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