Welcome Message from the President

Dear Sir, Madam,

The Institute of Biomedical Research was founded in early 2010, in partnership with the Government of Montenegro. It is located in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, a beautiful South-Eastern European country which was recently proclaimed an “Ecological State” by the Parliament.

Recently, the representative office of the Institute was established in Montreal, Canada which encourages international development of its business activities.

The concept of the Institute is based on over 26 years of relevant professional experience of its founding company BioMedco Inc. from Montreal, Canada, motivating its goal of becoming the European reference institution for biomedical research, manufacturing of biomedical products and analytical services.

The ongoing development plan of the Institute’s polyvalent laboratory business ventures extends to even more diversified activities and sophisticated services, from quality control of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, to biomedical and environmental studies, as well as major long-term scientific research projects, including the follow-up on the environmental impact on the public health.

Regulatory certifications of new biomedical products, along with the development of new diagnostic technologies, biomedical products and innovative experimental medical treatments, provided by Institute’s team of experts, also constitute an important business activity.

The Institute’s fundamental challenge is the complete and satisfactory practice of these activities, to ensure better health conditions for the population of Montenegro and those of neighboring countries, in conformity with the policies of World Health Organization (WHO) and the industrial standards and regulations of the European Union (EU).

These goals are met through implementation of uncompromising policies of “Good Laboratory Practices” (GLP) and “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) based on extensive experience that guarantees the highest quality of our products and services, and through the strengthened standards of competence and integrity in every facet of our business activities.

The Institute is equipped with state-of-the-art biomedical, industrial and scientific research technologies, and is in the continuous process of accreditations for its commercial activities from the most appropriate national and international authorities.

The Institute laboratories are also honored to be associated with and to collaborate with domestic and foreign reference universities, scientific research centers and highly renowned healthcare institutions.

Montenegro and all countries of the region are delighted by the establishment of the Institute, since their urgent and numerous needs are satisfied through the outstanding assistance provided by this ambitious scientific and high-tech institution.

It is a great privilege for our team to be in charge of fulfilling these needs.

Give us the challenge!

Dr. Drasko Pekovic CEO, President and Founder


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